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Six NBA players that should not be playing

There are a few players in the NBA that should have said goodbye to the league a while back, but they are still looking to get a deal with any team, even though when they know that they will not be receiving any substantial salaries, but a veteran’s minimum contract at the most.

Shaquille O’Neal: He is 38, and his golden years as one of the league’s best are gone, but the Diesel is still trying to get hired by one of the big teams in the NBA in order to see if he can retire with one more ring, but the truth is that he’s been playing for so long, that he might become the Brett Favre of hoops in terms of age if he doesn’t call it quits for good soon.

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Allen Iverson: When at his best, this player was unstoppable. He played 10 seasons with the 76ers, and then moved to the Nuggets, and by that time, the quality of his game began to diminish, then he started to beg for another chance, and bounced back to Philadelphia, where he will be playing next year, though I think the Sixers could had done just fine without him, but on the good side, he is an icon of Philly’s pro hoops team and fans will appreciate to see him active on the court.

Juwan Howard: He is the last of the Fav 5 from Michigan that is still playing in the NBA, but he should have followed on his friends Chris Webber and Jalen Rose into retirement, but he has an off-court reason to continue to play, as he wants to use his NBA image to go back to Chicago, his hometown, and start some basketball camps.

Jerry Stackhouse: He has played in so many teams, and has been in the free agent list for so long, that people does not know where he will end up the next year.

Michael Finley: if he re-signs with the Celtics, it might be because of sentimental reasons only, as he is good friends with Doc Rivers, but at 37, he should be thinking about a near-future hobby to occupy his time.

Kevin Ollie: another 37 year old player, he has been in the roster of almost every team in the league, and he will most likely be playing with the Oklahoma City Thunder next season. Well, he can at least serve as a mentor for Kevin Durant.

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