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Sea Life Centre offering oracle Paul for marketing purposes

If you thought that Paul the octopus was left without a job due to the end of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, then think again, as the famous oracle is one of the most famous and publicized animals nowadays, and because of that, there are a lot of good things coming for him.

Sea Life Centre, Paul’s owner, is currently entering bids in order to get the famous octopus to promote stuff as they know the high potential of the oracle for making millions out of advertising, this according to a report from famous news network CNN.

His 100% accuracy at predicting the outcome of Germany’s matches and the result of the final at the world cup is certainly a remarkable thing, but according to some marketing gurus, the moment he predicts one wrongly, it will be his end as an oracle octopus, and that is precisely why his owners are looking to get him to promote other stuff instead of getting him to continue to predict soccer matches as they want to keep his high value.

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Just imagine good old Paul choosing between two brands, one with the Pepsi logo on it, and one with the coca cola one. This is one of the many ways in which the famous octopus can be utilized in order to promote stuff, and when it comes to what he can earn, we are talking about millions of dollars.

And the time to come up with a good marketing deal for the octopus is now, as he is just 6 months shy of the total of the 3-year lifespan attached to his species.

Other marketing gurus have said that Paul is perfect for a gaming company that is looking to promote some important sporting events which will be held in a distant future, as even though he fails a few, the results would not be known until the actual event takes place, and by that time, the octopus (probably dead by that time), would have made the gaming company a substantial amount of cash, and could also continue to use his image for future promotions.

So, keep an eye on what is going to happen with Paul the octopus, as advertising options including him are quite vast, and there are certainly many companies whom are already interested in acquiring the rights over him in order to continue to grow their corporate wallets.

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