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Schweinsteiger: the best player in the German national team

Bastian Schweinsteiger was a very different type of player 3 years ago, but the support of important people such as Chancellor Angela Merkel, helped him to change his mentality and grow both as a person and as a player, and now he has proven to be the best player at the 2010 FIFA World Cup so far.

“Schweini” (“piggy” in English), as it is nicknamed the player, is probably the most popular figure of the German National team, and probably the most valuable talent in their roster, but his bad behavior outside the field (including partying the night before of a game and fast driving) had many football critics expectant about how such bad behavior would affect his focus on the field, but at the World Cup, he has proven that he can be the leader his team needed.

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Merkel, who has been at South Africa supporting her team, said that she thinks Schweinsteiger has been “Einfach wunderbar” (simply wonderful) at the tournament, and certainly, nobody will deny that, as Schweini has shown a high creative instinct that can ultimately lead the Germans to their first World Cup win since 1990.

And not even the provoking comments from Coach Diego Armando Maradona could put up his spirit down, as against the almighty Argentineans, he was outstanding battling against Lionel Messi, and was also very proficient on the attack, which allowed the Germans to come up with the final 4-0, a result that was unthinkable against Argentina, one of the favorites to raise the cup.

The Germans don’t have it easy against Spain, the team that is currently considered to be the best in the world, and even Paul the octopus gave them the win with his oracle predictions, but that doesn’t mean that Germany cannot put up an outstanding match against the Spaniards, and they were not favorites against England and Argentina, and they ended up beating both national squads by four goals to nothing.

And even though that might not occur against Spain, Schweinsteiger is certainly a man that can make the difference on this team, and the one that will ultimately move them forward to the finals if he is able to keep the team focused on their goal of celebrating the classification in order to meet the Netherlands (another team nobody expected to see at this stages of the tournament) at the finals.

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