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Sam Bradford should become the Rams starting quarterback

When an NFL franchise drafts an NFL player with a number one overall pick, especially a quarterback, the main question is when will be the perfect moment for him to become the starter of the team, on his rookie season, or the following one?

In the case of the Rams, I seriously believe that Sam Bradford should be given the starting QB position right away, as this is a franchise that has only managed to come up with 6 victories in the past 3 seasons, and they really need some young blood that can energize the team and guide it. Such man is Bradford, who possesses an outstanding arm, the right instinct and the technical ability that is necessary to lead the calls in an NFL team.

The good thing is that Bradford will count with the right help, as Steven Jackson is probably one of the top all-around RB’s in the NFL. Relying on Jackson will allow the rookie quarterback to play with manageable pressure, increasing his possibilities of performing in a desirable way.

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St. Louis picked Bradford on top of Ndamukong Suh, the top player in the draft, and if the Rams did not allow the young quarterback to start, and if the Lions do allow Suh to become a part of their main defensive formation right away, then the Rams can begin to be severely criticized, which is one of the main reasons why head coach Steve Spagnuolo should choose Bradford over the veterany of A. J. Feeley.

And it is a well known fact that for a rookie quarterback to succeed, he needs to count with the support of the coaching staff and the front office, and in the case of Bradford, it is clear that if the team chooses someone else instead of him to be the starter and they come up with another disastrous season, then it is likely that the whole offensive coaching staff can get fired.

I think the Rams will be making a mistake if they don’t get Bradford to start, as this is clearly the man they have to rely on, and failing to do so can become quite costly for them, not only in the sporting area, but also concerning fan appreciation and game tickets.

All they have to do is to give the young quarterback a chance, and if he fails, then they can go for the second best QB in their roster.

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