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Ronaldinho is planning to leave AC Milan for Flamengo

Ronaldinho has only spent two seasons with AC Milan, the famous club from the Italian Serie A, and his arrival to this team was mostly a marketing strategy in order to sell more jerseys and tickets as he is one of the most recognized and talented soccer players in the world.

For the twenty one million Euros he got paid to play at Italy, he brought his outstanding display of soccer fantasy with him and the right vision to lead a team that was lacking some over-the-top foreign footwork, though in his first year, he was unable to play well along with Kaka but during his second one, he became the leader of their offensive line.

The experienced Brazilian player improved considerably with the departure of Kaka from the team, as he managed to become a more proficient passer, working perfectly with Pato and anyone else he could find in the box.

One thing nobody can’t deny about Ronaldinho is how much he puts on the field every time he plays, but now that the team is going to be commanded by Massimiliano Allegri, the veteran striker is considering to leave the Italian calcio to return to his country and join the Flamengo, as Allegri is famous for favoring a counter-attack style, which is not of the likes of “Ronie”.

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This is certainly sad news for fans of the AC Milan, whom witnessed a rebirth of Ronaldinho’s football last season, but if he actually leaves San Siro Stadium for the Maracana, it is certain that the deal will be concreted in a friendly manner.

The “Gaúcho”, as he is known, is not getting any younger at 30 years old, and he surely does posses enough cash to live comfortably for the rest of his life, and that is why a move back to his country makes perfect sense, as he will probably become an iconic figure that will be more reachable for younger Brazilian players whom might be looking to follow on his steps.

Ronaldinho will certainly be happier at Flamengo, a team that will certainly appreciate to have a talented player such as him in their roster, as they know he is the leader the team needs, and one that can guide them to a few titles in the near future, and that can also become an example for the rest.

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