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Raiders enter training camp looking improved and revitalized

When you haven’t won more than 5 matches per year in 7 seasons, it is certain that there will be some tough work involved in training camp, and that is why the Raiders are doing all they can to be fit for their gaming schedule at the upcoming NFL season.

And when it comes to their draft choices, well, critics are agree about the fact that they were successful, and that has not been heard from this team in many years. Now, concerning trades, they also made some wise choices, especially by bringing Jason Campbell, an experienced quarterback that is coming from the Redskins.

They were also very intelligent by letting JaMarcus Russell leave, as this 24 year old QB was never able to meet expectations, and is now considered as one of the biggest busts in the history of the NFL, and also as one of the most expensive at $39 million.

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Chaz Schilens, a receiver from the Raiders has said that he is glad the team now counts with a proficient quarterback in Campbell, as he believes that he is filled with positive energy and is a very proficient passer. The former player from the Redskins will be the undisputed starter, leaving Bruce Gradkowski as his back up and Charlie Frye and Kyle Boller fighting for the third position.

Another outstanding addition before training camp was the definitive signing of Lamarr Houston, a defensive end that was chosen by the Raiders at the past draft with their 44thsecond round pick. He is coming from the Texas Longhorns, where he played more as a tackle, but at Oakland, he is expected to play as a left defensive end.

The starting lineup from the Raiders is already defined, which is why the focus on training camp at Napa will be on the backups.

One more key element in the team is Hue Jackson, a veteran skilled offensive coordinator that will have the task of improving the overall attack of a team that has been one of the worst ones in the league for years. They also paid $12 million to defensive lineman Richard Seymour to stay with the team one more season, and that is a key move that will certainly help them a lot on the back of the field.

And last but not least, they chose linebacker Rolando McClain with their eight overall pick at the past draft, and that will give them a lot of strength concerning their defense.

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