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Pro Football Hall of Fame Game on August 8, Bengals vs Dallas

If you are eager for some NFL football, don’t worry, you won’t have to wait until September to watch a good match, as the Bengals will be facing the Cowboys on August 8 at the Pro Football Hall of Fame Game, and that is why we are bringing you a preview and some general information about the history of this awaited exhibition match.

Cincinnati will be playing Dallas at Fawcett Stadium, a place that is located next to the NFL Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, and where this annual celebration has always been held since the first match dated back to August 11, 1962, which was played between the Giants and the Cardinals with a final score tied at 21.

This is the first time for the Bengals and the third one for the Cowboys, whom have never won, and this seems like the perfect occasion for Dallas to come up with their first victory, but Cincinnati might surprise and might take the glory from them, granting them their fourth loss.

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The game has always featured a team from the AFC and one from the NFC, except in 2009, due to a celebration concerning the 50th season anniversary of the original 8 AFL franchises, and at that time, the Titans dressed as the Houston Oilers, their original name, and played against the Bills (Ralph Wilson, owner of Buffalo, was inducted to the Hall of Fame at the same time).

The Steelers and he Redskins are the teams that have appeared at the Pro Football Hall of Fame Game the most times with five, with Washington winning every single one of them. All the teams from the NFL have appeared at the game at least once, but there are a few franchises that hasn’t appeared in quite a while, with the Cardinals being absent for the past 24 seasons, the Lions with 19 and the jets with 18.

For the first time in history, the match will feature divisional champions, as the Bengals won AFC North last year, and the Cowboys won the NFC East, and both will have to play five exhibition games before the start of the regular season, as the league does not void schedule preseason matches.

I think the Cowboys are a better team than the Bengals, and with the motivation of winning their first Pro Football Hall of Fame Game, I think this is theirs.

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