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Paul the oracle Octopus predicts win from Spain over Germany

If you are a fan of the German national squad, you might be in shock to know that your favorite team is going down in their match from today against Spain, or at least that is what Paul, the oracle octopus who has predicted the different victories of Germany in the 2010 FIFA World Cup at South Africa.

The octopus, which lives at the Oberhausen’s Sea Life Aquarium in Berlin, picked the mussel that was located in the glass tank that was marked with Spain’s flag, ignoring the one that was marked with the German flag.

The prophet octopus has been predicting soccer fixtures results for quite a while now, and the only time he has failed to come up with the right result was back in 2008, when he chose Germany to win over the Spaniards at the Euro Cup, and as we all now, the “Furia Roja” ended up winning the game by 1-0.

And, well, the only time he got it wrong was in a match that included the same two teams that will be disputing a ticket to the finals of the World Cup, which is why everybody had been expecting his decision about who he believes the winner will be. This time he chose Spain, and certainly, the chosen ones are hoping Paul is right.

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Paul is so famous, and his predictions are so awaited, that he even got two international television stations to cover his pick this morning at the aquarium. He has been flawless during the world cup, choosing victories over Australia and Ghana and the loss against the Serbians. The he came up with positive predictions concerning the matches against England and Argentina.

This octopus, which is two years old, has a distinctive way of picking the teams, as he wrapped himself in a pole on top of the chosen glass tank and then extends several of his 8 legs in order to reach the mussel that is inside, this time, he moved between the two tanks for a while, finally choosing the Spanish one.

If the octopus is correct with his prediction of a victory from Spain over Germany, then he will be allowed to come up with his favorite pick for the winner of the finals between the Spaniards and the winner of Uruguay and the Netherlands, if not, his prediction will be known only by those close to him.

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