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Paul the Octopus predicts win of Spain over the Netherlands

All eyes around the globe were again posed at the Oberhausen’s Sea life Aquarium in Berlin, as Paul the octopus was ready to give out his prediction concerning who he believes the winner of the 2010 FIFA World Cup is going to be.

The oracle octopus has attained international recognition as he hasn’t failed a single prediction concerning the matches of Germany at the World Cup, and even though the Germans did not made it to the final, Paul’s choice of Spain to pass was correct, which is why he was given the choice to pick the winner of the cup, and this time, he has chosen the Spaniards over the Dutch.

So much is the enthusiasm from people around the globe to know what is in the octopus’ mind, that TV stations from Taiwan, Great Britain, Germany and many other regions in the globe televised his decision live. A lot of people watched Paul going down the glass tank with the Spanish flag on it in order to pick up the mussel that was at the bottom.

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So far, Paul has chosen correct the victories of the German national squad in the cup over Ghana, Australia, England and Argentina, and also predicted the losses of the team to Serbia and Spain, and early on Friday, he also gave his decision about the outcome of the match for the third place between the Germans and the Uruguayans, predicting a victory of the Europeans over the South Americans.

A couple of years ago, Paul was known to only a small group of local Berlin fans who awaited for his predictions concerning the German national team, but as the World Cup began, many people started to paying attention to his predictions, even more they realized he was doing a flawless job with his choices.

Some hardcore German fans must hate the octopus, wondering how he would taste grilled for lunch, but when it comes to the Spaniards, even Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero is thanking him for giving his team the chance to be part of a World Cup final for the first time in history.

Stefan Porwoll, the manager of the aquarium where the octopus lives, said that they have received a lot of hate mail with recipes on how to cook the cephalopod mollusk, but also pointed out that the support mail is larger than the bad one.

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