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Parker rejects Rookies offer, stays at Clemson, for now…

Kyle Parker has finally decided what he loves the most. He is one of those players that is very good at more than one sport, in his case, baseball and football, and he recently had been negotiating with the Rockies in order to make a move from college football to the major leagues, but he finally decided that he loves the latest the most, and chose Clemson over a contract with Colorado.

Parker is a very proficient quarterback, as shown by his numbers from last season playing for the Tigers, as he finished with twenty touchdowns (freshman year). He was a first round pick at the past MLB draft which took place last month, and since then, he has been seriously thinking about his pass from football to professional baseball in order to play with the Rockies, which means that he doesn’t favor any of these two sports by much.

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Dabo Swinney, the coach at Clemson is probably one of the happiest ones with the news, as the departure of Parker would have forced him to choose Tajh Boyd, a redshirted freshman to assume the starting quarterback position.

But you really never know, as Parker might as well change his mind in a few days since he has until August 15 to decide whether to stay at Clemson or leave for the majors is the best for him, this because such date is the deadline for MLB teams to sign players.

Some people is arguing the fact that all Parker is doing is delaying things as much as possible since Colorado did not presented him the offer he was expecting, and sources close to Parker are mentioning that if the Rookies can offer him a $3 million signing bonus, they might as well end up with Parker in their roster.

It is clear now that his decision about playing baseball has a lot to do with the cash an MLB team can offer him, and when it comes to playing with Clemson, well, he probably just likes the idea of continuing to be the superstar of the team, and get a lot of praise from fans.

He can also prepare more if he wants to play at the NFL in the future, and that is another huge advantage, while if he leaves to play at Colorado, he won’t start selling jerseys right away, and he probably enjoys his status of number one at Clemson the most.

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