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No lack of talent: Top 3 NBA players at each position

NBA fans will certainly be satisfied with what is coming at the next season, as the talent level at the league is one of the highest ones in years, and now it is time for us to review which players are the best among the best in every position.

Point guard: Deron Williams is simply the most accomplished player in this area, and he possesses a remarkable passing ability, though he might not show how good he is at times because he needs an extra push from his team. Chris Paul is our second best man here, and if you have seeing him playing, you know how talented he is. Rajon Rondo is third because he is too emotional, and needs to work out this flaw of his.

Shooting guard: Kobe Bryant is a flawless player that will certainly become part of the Hall of fame, and that is enough for us to set him as the best SG in the NBA. Dwayne Wade is number two on this list only because he struggles with durability at times. Third is Manu Ginobili, simply because he is competing against Kobe and Wade.

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Small forward: LeBron James leads the SF position as he is simply the best current player in the game and also because he is the most athletic one. Kevin Durant is second because he still lacks some discipline, but he is very young and might surpass King James in terms of ability any time soon. Carmelo Anthony is third mostly because Durant is just a bit more accomplished than him.

Power forward: Kevin Garnett is quite old, but he is still the best PF, as proven last season, when he led the Celtics to the finals, and with a little luck, he might guide Boston to their 18th title. Dirk Nowitzki is second because his name hasn’t been as important as Garnett’s in recent years, but he certainly possesses the necessary abilities to become the main man at the Mavericks. Paul Gasol is third because he needs to work out his defensive skills, which are just average.

Centers: Dwight Howard hasn’t won a ring, but “superman” has been the most dominant player in the NBA at times, and, if he can become more consistent, he will become flawless. Tim Duncan is second in our list because of his age, but it is certain that he will go down in history as one of the best centers to ever play the game. And finally, Andrew Bogut made it to our list because he is incredibly good at the low post.

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