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Nigeria might be banned from international soccer competition

The government from Nigeria is not happy at all with the performance of their national squad in the 2010 World Cup at South Africa. So much is their discontent, that President Goodluck Jonathan has banned the team from world soccer for a period of 2 years.

FIFA authorities are not seeing this move from the President with good eyes, as they are giving him until late this afternoon to reverse his decision, otherwise, it would be the Fédération Internationale de Football Association who will be banning the Nigerians from playing any official world soccer matches.

The Nigeria Football Federation is trying to convince President Jonathan to lift the ban from the team, and they even fired NFF president Sani Lulu and also Amanze Ugbulam, the vice-president of such federation as they are trying to reach an agreement that won’t harm the future of Nigerian soccer.

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The FIFA does not allow in anyway the intervention of governments in international soccer concerning the clubs which are members of their organization, and, if the ban continues, then it is certain that Nigeria won’t see any more action in world competitions.

A spokesman from FIFA has said that if they don’t receive an answer from the Nigerian government by 5 pm BST, which is the deadline, they will be officially confirming the ban of the country from matches attached to the federation with a media press release.

The NFF certainly don’t want to have nothing to do with the decision from the President, as the dismissal of the president and vice-president of their federation is a move that is intended to serve as a form of apology to FIFA and to the Nigerian people because even though they want want to be banned, they do feel that their national squad performed really bad and are now looking to come up with new ways to improve the future performance of their squad in international fixtures.

Sepp Blatter is certainly a man that does not allow violations to FIFA policies, as proven with his warnings to President Nicolas Sarkozy about possible sanctions to France’s national squad if his government gets involved in investigations concerning the campaign of this team in the World Cup.

Such warnings to Sarkozy should serve as an example for the Nigerian government, as they will have to take a decision soon if they don’t want to face the ugly consequences of their actions.

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