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MMA top 10: Silva and St. Pierre 1st and 2nd respectively

Fedor Emelianenko shocked the entire MMA world when he lost to Fabricio Werdum in their match of June 26, and such loss meant a lot to the career of the Russian, as he went from number 3 to number eight of the world, and his defeat along with the impressive high-profile win from Brock Lesnar over Shame Carwin shaked up the ranks from top to bottom.

The sinking of Emelianenko in the rankins from number one, to number 3 and finally to number 8 became into a positive thing for the image of Anderson Silva, as he is now seeing as the new number one, atop Georges St. Pierre, who has been voted as number two.

Silva and St. Pierre are the top two MMA fighters without a question, as in the most recent voting, the Brazilian received twelve 1st-place ballots out of twenty, receiving an impressive 192 points, while Georges obtained the remaining 8 voted for a total of 188 points, while no other fighter received votes.

The space that was left by Emelianenko in the top five spots was quickly filled in the voting by Jose Aldo (WEC bantamweight champ) who took number 3, and Mauricio Rua (UFC light heavyweight champion), who took the fourth spot.

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Frank Edgar was also benefited in the newest voting for the world ranks, as he went from 9th to fifth of the world, which puts him one space ahead of B.J. Penn, the fighter that defeated him in the match for the title back in April 10.

Let’s check the brand new top ten MMA fighters in the world:

  1. Anderson Silva: Affiliated to UFC, from Curitiba, Brazil.
  2. Georges St. Pierre: Affiliated to UFC, from Saint-Isidore, Quebec.
  3. Jose Aldo: Affiliated to WEC, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  4. Mauricio Rua: Affiliated to UFC, from Curitiba, Brazil
  5. Frank Edgar: Affiliated to UFC, from Toms River, N.J.
  6. B.J. Penn: Affiliated to UFC, from Hilo, Hawaii.
  7. Lyoto Machida: Affiliated to UFC, from Belem, Brazil.
  8. Fedor Emelianenko: Affiliated to Strikeforce/M-1, from Stary Oskol, Russia.
  9. Jake Shields: Currently a free agent, from San Francisco.
  10. Brock Lesnar: Affiliated to UFC, from Webster, S.D.

The voting panel that chose this top ten included professional broadcasters from different well-renown sporting networks, let’s see if next month the ranks will remain the same or of there will be a few surprises.

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