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LeBron makes decision: He will join Wade and Bosh at the Heat

Thanks LeBron! that is all we basketball fans can say about the long expectancy concerning King James’ decision about who he will be playing for in the upcoming 2010-2011 NBA season, and to the surprise of many and the joy of Miami fans, he picked the Heat, where he will be team up with other two superstars in Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh.

James announced his decision live at 9:27 pm yesterday through ESPN. He looked nervous, just like Cavs fans, whom were praying for him to re-sign with their team, but at the end, he decided that the best thing for him was to join a franchise that would become into an immediate contender, not just for the next season, but for many more, and that is exactly what LeBron was looking for: to join a team that can make him a title winner, and now the Heat are certainly the strongest, most feared team in the league, and that is just statistically, but soon it would be embodied in real life as well.

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The 3 superstars have played together before for the U.S. Olympic team, and if you watched those games, you probably know what can be expected at the upcoming season from a team that went from a regular one to the top one in just two weeks, as Dwayne Wade persuaded friends Bosh and James to join him at Miami and become into a super powerhouse that will be hard to defeat.

Cavs owner Dan Gilbert was truly upset when he heard James’s choice, as he said the player’s decision was a “cowardly betrayal” to his natal town, where he played both college and professional basketball for his entire career.

Everybody wanted LeBron in their team, period. Therefore, I think the only advantage the Cavaliers had was the fact that James has a lot of love for their town, but the truth is that he is a player that has been a professional for seven years now and one who has achieved many impressive things at the league at a very young age, but he has not been able to win a championship yet, and that is mostly because he was the only superstar in his team.

The Cavs went from a high profiled team, to a below average after LeBron’s decision, and Miami fans, you should be celebrating for the outstanding upcoming years your team is going to have at the NBA.

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