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Lamarr Woodley is not pleased with the Steelers

Lamarr Woodley has been playing with the Steelers since 2007 after being chosen as the 47th overall pick of the second round of the draft from that year, and he has certainly done everything that has been asked of him, however, he feels that Pittsburgh is not treating him in a far way.

The Steelers have no intention of giving an extension to the player before his rookie contract is over, which is why he will be making $550 thousand dollars in 2010, an amount of money that is significantly lower than that of market value concerning a linebacker like him.

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The 25 year old player, who has come up with 29 sacks in just 31 regular-season starts, is suffering due to the new 30 percent rule, and Pittsburgh’s officials informed Doug Hendrickson, Woodley’s agent, that because of the new regulations, his client won’t be getting a new deal until a new agreement is reached by the NFL Players Association concerning the CBA.

Woodley has stated that he won’t be discouraged during the upcoming season, as he will give the best of himself in order to have another fabulous year, mostly because he wants to be noticed by other franchises since his real value is within the $12 million range, and when you get to compare his stats with the ones from other linebackers, it is certain that he is head-to-head with the best.

To treat Woodley so poorly is no advantageous at all for the Steelers, whom even gave coach Mike Tomlin an extension, and when it comes to who is more important for results, there are no doubts, Woodley should’ve been the one to get the big dollars instead of Tomlin.

Sure, Lamarr will probably come up with another outstanding season, but the truth is that he will not be playing for his team, but for himself, and that can be either good or bad for the team, it all depends on what is going to be his overall attitude and how the Steelers are going to perceive him. Will he become a more egotistical player? Or will he become into a core member of a solid Pittsburgh assembly? Well it is just too early to tell.

But what is certain is that Woodley won’t be playing for the Steelers for a long time, as he doesn’t feel the love translated in cash, and he might look for better opportunities in the league.

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