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Kobe vs James: Bryant wins number one spot, but not for long

Who is better, Kobe or LeBron? This is a debate that has been in the talks of every basketball fan for a long time, and everybody seems to have their own personal opinion, but the truth is that there is only one number one spot, and as of now, it is clear that Bryant is the best one of the two, and here is why.

The right equation for been catalogued as the best NBA player is talent plus rings, and that is the main reason why Kobe Bryant is currently better than LeBron, but that can certainly change now that James has joined forces with another two superstars in Miami, allowing the former Cavaliers player to dream of becoming a multiple champion like Kobe.

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Now, here are the main arguments back to when LeBron was in Cleveland: if you exchange positions and send Kobe to the Cavaliers, the team probably won’t even make it to the playoffs, and when it comes to sending LeBron to the Lakers, well, just do it and see what happens, as it is clear that Kobe has a lot of help in Los Angeles, and that certainly makes him look even better.

Kobe is 31 and has five rings, which is why I believe he is currently better, but Lebron is just 25 years old, and still has a lot of basketball years ahead of him, that is why in a couple of years things will be much more different, with LeBron having at least one ring and Bryant on the border of retirement, at that moment, King James will certainly take the number one spot, but not just yet.

LeBron and Bryant have different styles, with Kobe being the closest thing to another Michael Jordan and James being a mirror of Magic Johnson, and that pretty much tells you how different yet how good each one of them is.

But where LeBron is currently lacking right now is in his killer instinct, and that is another reason why Kobe is better, as he does have it, and you can see it every single game. The guy plays to win and will do whatever he needs to do to get the job done, period, while James is still developing this necessary skill, and that is probably the reason why he still doesn’t have an NBA championship ring on his finger.

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