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Kevin Durant signs 5-year extension with OKC Thunder

Let’s face it, the whole LeBron James free agency matter is turning into a circus because the week is almost over and nobody knows where he will be playing next season, and it will be more absurd if he stays with the Cavaliers, as he should had taken that decision a long time ago.

In fact, he should have carried the same attitude as Kevin Durant, who has retained a low profile during his search for a new deal, as he probably knew what it was coming for him, which ended being a 5-year extension with Oklahoma City, a contract that will start taking place after next season since Durant is still under his rookie deal that will pay him $5 million dollars next season.

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The exact amount of cash which Durant is supposed to receive has not been officially disclosed, though unofficial reports states that he will be making $85 million for the five years, and it is also stated that the contract has a no opt-out clause after the 4th year.

Durant, much like James, had expressed in various occasions that his major desire was to remain with the Thunder, but again, it seems like the youngest of the two players has been the most wise, as he didn’t exploited his fame as one of the top players in the league in order to get in the talks of everybody, which is what King James had been doing lately, and so much is the extent of his “uncertain” future (believe me, he will remain with the Cavs), that even President Obama has jumped in the chatting with his own comments about where James should land.

There is no doubt about the fact that Durant is one of the most promising players in the league right now. He is just 21 years old, and at such a young age, he already obtained much recognition, including the Rookie of the Year award (2008), was also named to the All-NBA first team (2010) and also participated in the All-Star game.

He is a young player that fits perfectly in an also very young franchise (formerly the Seattle Supersonics), and as the love of the new city grows for Durant as their main man, the love for the team also grows, and that is simply priceless for a team that is looking to fill its arena for every single game.

Last season he was phenomenal, leading the Thunder to an impressive 50-32 records (27 wins more than the previous season), and led them to the playoffs, where they were close to defeat the Lakers.

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