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Joker Phillips on a mission to make Kentucky a top ten team

Joker Phillips is pretty much convinced about the high potential of his team, the Kentucky Wildcats, as he has stated that he believes they can become into a SEC powerhouse real soon, and critics seem to agree with him, as in just six months, the veteran head coach has obtained the commitment of fourteen valuable prospects, including Glen Faulkner, a defensive back from East Saint Louis High School and Clint Tucker, a defensive tackle from the same institution.

Phillips has stated that his main mission as the head coach of the Wildcats is to make the team a top ten, and in order to do so, accurate recruiting is necessary, which is why he hires the rest of his coaching team based on how good they are in terms of adding proficient football players to the program.

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The good thing for this team is that Phillips is a native of Kentucky and used to play for them, which is why he has a real passion for the Wildcats, and he is so good at getting people to follow him, that has even transmitted his enthusiasm for the team to Tee Martin, an accomplished former player for the Tennessee Volunteers, the team that has been a step ahead of Kentucky for over 25 years, and for those familiar with the rivalry between the two, knows that this is a real achievement for both Joker and the Wildcats.

Martin is the current wide receivers coach for Kentucky, and he is on a mission of helping the team to reach a bowl for a fifth consecutive time, and of course, to win it.

What Joker really wants is to make of this team one that can be head-to-head with the powerhouses of the SEC East such as Georgia, Florida and Tennessee, and he even has a sound name for his mission: “Operation Win”, which has the core object of coming up with the national championship.

As of now, the Wildcats had not managed to make it further than the third place in their conference in a few decades, and haven’t come up with the title since 1950, when the team was leaded by Bear Bryant.

Joker wants to bring those glorious days back to Kentucky football, as he wants to share college triumphs with their basketball program, a team that has always competed to win championships.

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