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Jeremy Lin will play for his all-time favorite NBA team

We all know that John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins were impressive at their respective summer league games, but there is another player out there that is worth of attention since he also played outstandingly, and that guy is Jeremy Lin, a point guard that is coming from Harvard University.

Lin’s performance with the Mavericks at Las Vegas certainly drew the attention of many franchises, and since then, he received offers in order to make a move out of Dallas, and he finally decided to sign with the Warriors, his all-time favorite NBA team, and on his first year with Golden State, he will receive $500,000, with at least half of it guaranteed, but this is just part of the 2-year deal he obtained.

This 21 year old player is a Californian, and such roots and his proficient performance at Las Vegas prompted Golden State to chase him, and now he is expected to become into a native player that will not just play because of personal pride, but also because of the love he has for the team, and that is certainly priceless.

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He is going to be the second Asian-American player to ever perform in the league, and it is also the best Harvard player that has reached the NBA in 50 years, which is why his story is even more impressive.

Since Harvard does not grant scholarships, Lin entered college without any publicity, and he worked his way up in a steady way. By the time he entered Harvard, he was already a legend in the Bay Area, as he was the responsible for leading Palo Alto High School to the 2006 state championship thanks to a remarkable victory over Mater Dei, a South California powerhouse with no less than 4 high-level players.

With Lin on the team, the Warriors are sure to sale a lot of jerseys in Oakland and its surrounding areas due to the early-legend status the media has created around him, and with the departure of C.J. Watson to the Bulls, this team was in serious need of a proficient point guard such as the Asian-American.

The Warriors have a new logo, and now they have a native icon. I think this is great for a team that never makes it to the headlines, as they are now getting the attention of the whole nation and the world, and in just in a few days, Jeremy Lin went from being known only in California, to be known around the globe.

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