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Jason Terry should be a starter in the Mavs, not Butler

This is a must: Caron Butler should be benched in order to allow Jason Terry to start for the Mavs, and if you ask why, well, the main reason is because Terry is a more proficient shooter, and Butler and Rodrigue Beaubois can become into the perfect complement coming from the bench. If this actually happens, then the starting five for Dallas will be comprised of Butler, Jason Kidd, Shawn Marion, Brendan Haywood and Dirk Nowitzki.

Kidd and Nowitzki both are outstanding at stretching the floor, but when it comes to the half court, Dirk always needs to post up in order to start the offensive of the team, and when rivals team up Nowitzki, Jason Kidd is often there to create a random play with the ball that is usually effective.

Now, this it’s been a proficient strategy for Dallas, but this often leads to the rest of the starters underperforming, mostly because either Butler, Mario or Haywood are not able to create the proper space in the floor. Haywood gets a pass here since he plays center, and Marion gets a pass as well as he is the top perimeter defender for the Mavericks, but when it comes to Butler, he is the responsible one, as he likes to play corner or right wing, occupying Nowitzki’s space and creating confusion.

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Butler’s moves on the court limits the options of Dirk, and here is where Jason Terry can really make the difference, as he can allow Nowitzki to become more effective, which is exactly what the Mavericks should be aiming for.

And even though Terry is more of a shooting guard than a point guard, nobody can deny that he is an offensive threat that will play incredibly well along with the experienced German power forward.

The “Jet” is the perfect compliment for Dirk Nowitzki because he is a player that can shot in a proficient way from anywhere in the court, and can get the attention of rival defenders on him, which opens a lot of spaces for Dirk.

The Mavericks is one of the most powerful teams in the NBA, but they certainly need to pay attention to small flaws that can ultimately prevent them from achieving their goals, and they can certainly start by allowing Terry to become a starter, while giving Butler some time on the bench to think about his mistakes.

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