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Georges St. Pierre might retire after fighting Anderson Silva

Georges St. Pierre is currently ranked as the number two pound-for-pound of the world behind Anderson Silva, so don’t get confused when you get to check the Wikipedia pages for both of them as St. Pierre’s still says he’s number one, but the most recent ranking from yahoo sports that includes the opinions of many renown MMA critics sets him at the second position.

St. Pierre is the current welterweight champion, and concerning this division, there is not much left for him to do here, as he has already beaten the big names such as Thiago Alves, Koscheck, Dan Hardy and Jon Fitch, and now he is seriously considering beating Silva in order to become the number one.

But in order to do that, he will need to go up in divisions, as the Brazilian is the current middleweight champion, and St. Pierre has said that he will not go up in weight any time soon, as he mentioned that such move will come close to the end of his career, and if Silva is still competing at that time, then he will take on him.

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The French-Canadian fighter also said that if he gets to compete at 185 pounds, and beats Silva, then that would be the perfect moment for him to call it quits, as there would not be any real challenges left for him on MMA, but before doing so, he wants to fight a couple more welterweight fights in the next year to secure the future of his family before the risky move of going up in divisions.

GSP has enough cash on his pocket due to sponsorships and endorsements, but he feels that he can still earn some more money in the future, though he mentioned that this is not his real motivation, as he said that he cares more about winning, and the only wall on his road to the number one spot right now is Silva, who has won 12 consecutive fights.

Silva will be fighting against Chael Sonnen at UFC 117 on August 17, and if he losses, he will be stepping down on the rankings, but since St. Pierre has said that he will not fight the Brazilian just yet, then a match between the two will still be possible.

St. Pierre will be fighting Josh Koscheck on a date and time still to be announced, but since he already defeated him, he might as well take him down again.

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