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Five NBA teams where Shaquille O’Neal might land

In just two years, Shaquille O’Neal will be 40 years old, which means that he has a maximum of 2 more seasons on him, but he can still perform well, and it will be an essential part of any five-men starting lineup. As of now, he is still a free agent, and is looking to obtain the best possible contract with the team that fits him the most, let’s check which franchise might be the proper one for him.

Heat: This team hasn’t stopped acquiring superstars, and they know that Shaq fits perfectly with Dwayne Wade as they both won the 2006 NBA championship, which is why there is an open door for O’Neal to play here again. I believe Shaq continues to play just because he loves the game, and if he gets to wear the Heat jersey again, he will most likely take the minimum veteran salary.

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Hawks: it is reported that Atlanta has shown a lot of interest in bringing Shaq to the team, as he could play outstandingly along with Joe Johnson, who signed a six-year, $119 million dollar contract with the franchise on July 4. He can also become an excellent mentor for Al Horford, one of the top ten centers in the league. Can you imagine Shaq, Horford and Johnson in the same lineup?

Mavericks: Mark Cuban is certainly a smart owner, and he knows that Shaq will be an ideal fit to the team, and even though they already signed Tyson Chandler, the arrival of Shaq to Dallas is still possible.

Celtics: Let’s face it, Kendrick Perkins is nobody compared to Shaquille, and if he gets hired by Boston, Perkins will immediately become a benched player. Shaq could play outstandingly along with Kevin Garnett and with things like that, this will be the new “Big Four” (of veterans that is), though the Celtics already signed the other O’Neal (Jermaine), and the possibilities of the Diesel coming to Boston are vanishing.

Lakers: When he was part of this franchise, Shaq was the main man in here, forget Kobe, as he was not as good as he is right now, and the 3 championships he earned in the past were achieved thanks to the help of the 38 year old center. Now, I certainly don’t believe Kobe would like Shaq to comeback, as they never were best friends, far from that in fact, but the possibility is still there.

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