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Exposed by Greenburg: Mayweather afraid to fight Pacquiao

Ross Greenburg, the president of HBO Sports, finally came up with some facts about the supposed scheduled fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. And what is clear now is that such match is not on the plans of Mayweather, who has failed to come up with fresh comments on the matter yet.

July 16 was the deadline set for Mayweather to say whether he would be fighting Pacquiao or not, and after such zero hour, no answer was received from the American undefeated boxer, which is why Top Rank chairman Bob Arum, who handles Pacquiao, started to look for other fighting opportunities, and now the Philippine will be facing Antonio Margarito in November.

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Fans of Mayweather should certainly feel disappointed, as their favorite fighter has proved that he really doesn’t care about his legacy, as he has allowed the rumors of the fight spread widely without giving a precise statement, and allowing his representative to engage in a gossip game that has certainly ruined his reputation, as he is actually running away from his biggest challenge yet, and that is the main reason why he has lost his credibility and cannot be compared to the big names in the boxing world anymore.

The whole thing has turned into a circus, with Mayweather saying in June that he was planning to take a year off, but at the same time, he was allowing his agent to comment on the situation, saying that the fight was actually going to take place.

Greenburg said on his press release statement from Monday that he had been in negotiations with a representative from both sides since May 2, but on a statement released on July 19, Ellerbe said that the talks about a fight between Mayweather and Pacquiao had actually never taken place.

That right there was the first signal of Mayweather withdrawing from the fighting commitment, as on that statement, he also mentioned that he spokes in a regular basis with Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer and Golden Boy Promotions president Oscar De La Hoya, whom are associates of Mayweather, and that they never reached a deal with Arum for the fight, but De La Hoya had previously appeared on a Spanish news channel confirming the fight, to then deny that he did, saying that he was misquoted.

What is certain is that Mayweather and his team lied, and that Floyd withdrew, and this hurts the sport a lot as the current top pound for pound fighters are yet to face each other in the ring.

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