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Dwayne Wade to team up with Chris Bosh at the Miami Heat

We are finally getting some real news about the final decisions of two of the top free agents in the market, as it is reported that Chris Bosh will be joining forces with Dwayne Wade in Miami, and pat Riley couldn’t be happier, as he led the Heat to the championship back in 2006 when Shaq was in their roaster, and now that he is the president of the franchise, they might win it all again thanks to the arrival of Bosh, who is the man Wade needed to come up with another title.

Both of these superstars teaming up at Miami might not come as a surprise to some, as they share the same agent, Henry Thomas, but what it is still not too clear is if Bosh will be just signing with the Heat or if there will be a sign-and-trade deal with the Raptors.

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But, it is also said that Bosh is trying to get an extra year, and the sign-and-trade deal with Toronto might be his only real choice of getting the cash for that additional season.

An interesting element that shares both Wade and Bosh is that they started their NBA careers the same year, 2003, when they were selected 5th and 4th by the Heat and the Raptors respectively.

Pat Riley has stated that they are trying to build a dynasty in Miami, and now he has two key pieces to make that happen, though they are still waiting on LeBron James’s decision, as the 3 superstars have talked about playing together, and if that happens, it will have to be at Miami.

The Heat lacks the salary cap space to sign the 3 all-stars to maximum contract deals, which is why the 3 will have to make a sacrifice and earn less cash for the 2010-2011 season, and if this scenario actually becomes a reality, then all 3 players might receive special contracts which will allow them to become into free agents once again in 3 years from now.

The NBA always needs big teams with big players on it in order to increase the interest in the league, and for the past few years, the top franchises have been the Lakers, whom still are one of the big ones, and the Celtics, whom will not be the same high caliber team without Ray Allen in the team, which is why the Heat will take for them as the second top team in the league.

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