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Despite of undisputed talent, Clausen won’t be starter

Jimmy Clausen ended up as a second round pick at the past NFL draft, but the truth is that this guy is exactly what the Panthers needed in order to replace the departed Jake Delhomme at the starting quarterback position, as he is a very smart and talented player that is coming from Notre Dame, one of the top schools in the country, but he might not become the main quarterback in North Carolina at least for now.

John Fox is a very successful coach that is on his last contract year with the Panthers, and there is a good chance that he might decide to call it quits as NFL coach after the upcoming season, which means that he winning is a must for him right now, and that can difficult to attain with a rookie quarterback leading the plays.

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This offseason, Fox has been training with Matt More as Carolina’s starter, and in order not to put too much pressure on Clausen, he has been working with him as a 3rd-string quarterback after Moore and Hunter Cantwell, but it is certainly that the rookie from the ”Fighting Irish” is way better than Cantwell, and with Tony Pike also in their roster, it will be tough for Hunter to even make it to the 53-man main roster, this unless there is a serious injury involving either Moore, Clausen or Pike.

Clause has an advantage though, as he knows very well the team’s offense as Jeff Davidson, who is the current offensive coordinator in Carolina, used to work as the right hand of Charlie Weis in New England, and Weis was the coach of Notre Dame when Clausen was playing there.

Davidson is working with exactly the same offensive planning which the “Fighting Irish” were using last season, which is why Clausen is the perfect fit for the first position, but Fox won’t take the risk, and will get Moore the chance to become the starter, allowing him to prove himself, but if he loses some matches, Clausen will certainly have the advantage over Cantwell and Pike and will become the starting quarterback for the Panthers.

Now, some critics are saying that to try Matt Moore as the starter is pointless, saying that Clausen should start right away, but the whole situation is a bit tricky, and we will have to wait and see what Fox will do at the end.

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