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“Coming back stronger”, the newest book by Drew Brees

would be the next Super Bowl champions, they would have certainly believed that you were just joking, as it seemed impossible that one of the worst teams in the franchise for many years would suddenly become into the most important franchise in the league, but as you could witnessed, New Orleans won it all, and it was thanks to Drew Brees.

The 31 year old quarterback hasn’t had it easy at the NFL, but he is a resilient person that knows how to battle against adversity, and the main proof comes in the form of an autobiographical book entitled “Coming back stronger” where he exposes some of his most meaningful memories, letting us all know that the calm always comes after the storm.

One of the main subjects in the book is how Brees dealt with the suicide of his mother, as he asks himself “how could I have saved her?”

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His mother passed away in August 2009, and that certainly was a hard hit to his mental focus, but he did not discussed anything about the matter during the season, instead, he opted for writing about it on his laptop in order to get the written material to serve him as a form of therapy, and all of that turned into a full chapter of his new book, which was released on July 6.

The book includes a lot information on his college and NFL career, which has been filled with setbacks, with one of the worst ones being a shoulder injury he suffered in 2005, which threatened to ruin his professional career for good, and which finally ended up with his days at the Chargers.

He then arrived to the Saints back in 2006, a team nobody believed in playing for a city that has just been devastated by Hurricane Katrina. But he surprised his doctors by recovering quite well, and becoming into an even better quarterback that guided a rebuilding Saints team to their first Super Bowl title ever.

Cases like the one of Brees and Lance Armstrong are quite special, as their stories serve as examples of what humans can achieve no matter what has occurred to them in the past, they were resilient, and destiny paid them with glory.

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