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Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony want to play with Stoudemire

Fans of the Hornets are not very pleased with the news of Chris Paul leaving the team, and Gary Chouest and George Shinn, the owners of the franchise, are looking for ways to make Paul change his mind and stay with the only team he has played in the NBA since 2005, when he was chosen as the fourth overall pick of that year’s draft.

They are even bringing some key changes to their front office, as they recently hired Monty Williams as their new coach, and brought in his long-time friend Dell Demps to take on the general manager position. Demps and Williams will seat with Paul and will try to convince him to stay in the team, as they want to sell him the idea of the new direction the franchise is taking.

Paul is 2 years away from free agency, but he has already spoken in a open way about his discomfort concerning his time in New Orleans, as the 25 year-old point guard feels that the team is actually moving backwards since they finished last season with an awful 37-45 record and did not managed to make it to the playoffs, much different than the two previous years when they did made it to the postseason.

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Chris Paul is actually looking at the example of LeBron James, and wishes to be traded to a team where he can play with other superstars. Rumors says that the main teams on his list of favored franchises are the Magic, where he’ll team up with Dwight Howard, the Knicks, where he’ll team up with Amare Stoudemire, and the Lakers, where Kobe Bryant plays.

The source that is revealing the information about the possible departure of Paul from the Hornets, is saying that the ideal team for the point guard who played college hoops at Wake Forest is New York, as he will join forces with Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony, who also wants out of his team, the Denver Nuggets.

Such trio will become into the number one competitor for the powerful Miami Heat, and for this to be possible, both Denver and New Orleans would have to allow Anthony and Paul to opt out of their contracts.

Carmelo Anthony has until June 30 to sign the $65 million extension the Nuggets is offering him, but sources close to the player are saying that his ultimate desire is to play for the Knicks with Paul and Stoudemire.

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