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Carolina Panthers 2010 NFL season preview

When each one of the players from the Panthers arrives to practice every morning, they probably ask themselves a tough question: Am I playing for a franchise that is really committed to win? If this questions needs to be asked, then you certainly know that you have a problem.

Jerry Richardson, the owner of the team plays an integral role in keeping up a balanced strategy concerning player salaries, and he is one that thinks that his players should not be overpaid, but the truth is that Carolina already suffered because of this mentality, as the Panthers opted for not re-signing 8 players who went on to receive outstanding deals somewhere else, such as Julius Pepper, who received $91.5 million dollars for play six years with the Bears, and when a player receives a significant monetary compensation, he is sure to be more motivated to play better.

And since they are scarce on the talent department, they will have to trust in what they currently have, beginning with the quarterback, who is probably going to be the young Jimmy Clausen, an outstanding passes who was picked at 48th overall at the past 2010 NFL draft mostly because no team wanted him since he is known for his cocky attitude.

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If they want to attain some success at the upcoming season, Clausen will have to behave, and if he is able to stay focused and keep and keeps a humble attitude, Carolina might end up with a decent record.

Concerning running backs, Jonathan Stewart and DeAngelo Williams might find some difficulties as they will have to share carries, but this doesn’t mean that they can’t perform well, and an example is last year, when the two ended up with more than eleven hundred yards.

A positive element in the team is definitely Ryan Kalil, who is becoming into one of the most accomplished centers in the league in despite of being a bit undersized. He has an outstanding technique and strong hands, which allows him to neutralize rivals in an easy way.

Kalil will have more responsibilities this time around as Mackenzy Bernadeau does not have the required athletic acumen to retain blocks consistently, and when it comes to the right tackle, Jeff Otah will have to remain as healthy as possible in order to improve his average skills in order to help the team as much as possible.

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