Beasley sent to the Twolves, Mike Miller signs with Heat

The Heat was waiting for LeBron’s decision in order to see what kind of moves they would have to make in order to clear enough cap salary space to bring him in, and since King James said yes to Miami, the team was forced to release Michael Beasley, in a sign-and-trade deal that will be sending the 21 year old forward to the Timberwolves in exchange for a second round pick at the 2011 NBA draft and a series of first round picks in the years to come.

Apparently, Beasley was not happy playing for the Heat, as he said that he was not showing what he was capable of in terms of playing at a high level, and mentioned that he didn’t knew why. Miami never found the right position for Beasley, who played power forward, forward and even performed as a center.

Minnesota is a team that is currently at a rebuilding process, and the arrival of Beasley can serve them in a big deal if the young player is able to adapt to the franchise better than he did at Miami, with that said, his arrival is all positive for the Twolves, as he is certainly a very valuable player that was head to head against Derrick Rose at the 2008 NBA draft, though Beasley ended up being picked as second overall. That can pretty much tells you how good of a sportsman he is.

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And, while Beasley is leaving, the salary cap space left for Miami was enough not just to sign King James, but to sign guard/forward Mike Miller, who is coming from the Wizards in a five-year deal that will pay him a total of $30 million.

Dwayne Wade had been impressed with Miller’s performance at Washington, as he publicly stated it, which is probably why the franchise decided to bringing him since they want to build the best possible team that will win it all at the upcoming season.

Miller had other offers from teams such as the Knicks and the Clippers, but he knows better, and he joined the part at Miami in a team that just signed the best player in the league.

Whether some like it or not, the world of basketball has been moving around LeBron James, and well, now he, Wade, Bosh and Miller will have to prove everybody that they made the right decision.

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