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Argentina and Maradona out, Germany advances to semifinals

The World Cup continues with more shocking surprises, as the second top team from South America in the tourney was eliminated by a powerful German team that is on his way to a semifinal match against the winner of the game between Paraguay and Spain, with the latest having the major odds of classifying.

And with things like that the dream of coach Diego Armando Maradona is over, losing the word fight he had with the Germans, whom probably will be celebrating in a big way tonight their classification, and the dethroning of Argentina, a team which was expected to make it even further in this cup due to the high quality of the players they possess, though the key to their failure most likely resided in the low performance from Lionel Messi, a player that is considered to be the best one in the world, but that did not met expectations.

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Maradona disrespected Thomas Mueller in a press conference before the game, and the German striker said that he was eager to score against Argentina in order to approach Maradona and celebrate in his face, and he got what he wanted, as he scored at the initial minutes of the game.

The other two heroes in the German squad were Miroslav Klose, who came up with two goals, and Arne Friedrich, who scored the third for the Europeans at the 74th minute.

Every specialized soccer critic was unsure about Germany against Argentina as well as they did against England, and the fact is that they played even better, scoring the same amount of goals, and eliminating the favorites to win the tourney at the quarterfinals.

Nobody can deny that Argentina put up a good game against Germany, as they dominated for about 20 minutes with Carlos Tevez constantly attacking the enemy goal, but at the end destiny was not on their side and so they end up missing their chance to come up with the most sought-after trophy in the world of sports.

If the Paraguayans reach the semis, then I am pretty sure the Germans will be the ones in the finals, but if instead Spain is the one that passes, then such match will be truly competitive, and it will be difficult to say who the winner might be, though I believe Germany are more motivated as they have had it tougher so far, and that might be the key factor that can give them the cup.

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