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A source says Eagles might release Michael Vick

The last days of Michael Vick playing for the Eagles might be counted, as a source that is close to the team said that Philadelphia is considering the option of releasing the veteran quarterback from their roster.

The person with the information (who spoke in an anonymous condition) said that the team might release Vick no matter what the Police say concerning an ongoing investigation about a shooting outside a strip club located in Virginia Beach where a celebration for the quarterback’s birthday was taken place.

On Saturday, the Eagles came up with an official press release stating that any info concerning the release of Vick from the team is not truthful, as they haven’t come up with a final decision concerning the future of the troubled player.

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Michael Vick has said that he immediately reported the incident to the team and the NFL, but Roger Goodell, the league’s commissioner told the former Falcons quarterback that there was an extremely limited margin for errors after re-instating him following the dog fighting scandal.

Vick is the back up for Kevin Kolb and is certainly the most experienced quarterback on the team after the departure from Donovan McNabb. He is entering his 2nd season with Philadelphia and was to earn a total of $5.2 million next season.

It is quite sad that Vick continues to be involved in off-field problems, as everything seemed to be headed his way in his 1st year with the Eagles, he was even quite popular in the locker room, with team mates voting him as the winner of the Ed Block Courage Award.

Now his future is unknown, and if he is released from Philadelphia, no other NFL team might want to take him, as it was even a tough decision for Jeffrey Lurie, the owner of the Eagles to accept him, and with so many unfavorable things on his way, he might not play professional football anymore.

When he arrived to the team, Vick was expected to become into a major part of their offensive strategy, but instead, he was barely used. He ended up completing six out of thirteen passed for only 86 yards and a single touchdown, running for 95 yards and only 2 scores.

In my opinion, what is happening to him right now is a bit unfair, as he was not involved directly in the shooting incident, but if he is not allowed to play professional football anymore, it might serve him as a life lesson.

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