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A-Rod might hit the 600th homer of his career this weekend

Alex Rodriguez is one of the most famous baseball players of our days, and this weekend he can become even more popular, as if he manages to hit a homerun, he will enter an exclusive club of only 6 players whom have come up with 600 homeruns in their career.

The 10-4 victory from the Yankees over the Kansas City Royals on Thursday night did not become interesting until A-Rod entered the game on the 7th inning. Well, there was Derek Jeter hitting the second inside-the-park homer of his career (the first one achieved in 1996), but Jeter’s had nothing to do with reaching a milestone, while the one from Rodriguez is leaving him one homer short of the 600 mark, and it will be quite surprising if he does not achieve it during the weekend.

It seems like playing against the Royals is always good for A-Rod, as it was in a game against them that he reached the 500 mark. On Thursday, Kansas City started Blake Wood, and Rodriguez conquered the 599th homer against the 24 year old pitcher.

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The Yanks will be playing against the Royals tonight with Brian Bannister as their starting pitcher and on Saturday, the pitcher will be Kyle Davies, the same man that granted A-Rod his 500th homerun, and on their game from Sunday, Kansas City might allow Anthony Lerew or Sean O’Sullivan to start, but A-Rod is hopeful that he will conquer the 600 either today or on Saturday.

Either way, it is clear that Rodriguez will be faced against an easy bullpen, which will give him a lot of opportunities to become just the 7th member of the aforementioned exclusive club of batters whom have reached the important 600-homer milestone.

It’s kind of sad that George Steinbrenner passed away recently, as he missed the opportunity to see one of the players on his team’s roster achieving something incredible.

When A-Rod hit his 599th homerun, fans were not that excited, but as they realized what he was about to achieve, they started to supporting him in a big way, which means that for a moment they forgot all of Rodriguez’s troubles concerning his steroid usage, and well, to come up with such a record is probably a little bittersweet for A-Rod, as he knows his numbers are tainted by the illegal drug usage deception.

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