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A big three made of players from the 2011 recruiting class

We all know about the newest big three at the NBA that is comprised of Dwayne Wade, LeBron James and Chris Bosh, all of whom decided to join forces in order to make of the Miami Heat the current favorite to come up with the title, but, can there be a selection of 3 outstanding players in the future that can achieve what Miami is about to do? Let’s check some 2011 recruits whom will enter their college time next year and whom might be essential pieces in a trio just like the one from the Heat.

Quincy Miller from Westchester Country Day School is the forward of a possible new big three, as he is a player that knows very well how to rebound and has a great ability concerning scoring. He is currently the most passionate prospect in the US, and with his maturity and tough mentality to step up in the most important games, he will be outstanding at college, and certainly at the NBA. He actually kind of reminds me of a younger Kevin Durant.

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Michael Gilchrist from St. Patrick High School is the next big man on the list, and to many, he is the most important player of the 2011 class, as he is very versatile and can do pretty much whatever he wants with the ball and succeed. He is not flashy at all, which means that he keeps his feet on the earth. He truly knows how to become the core of the team in order to give them the impulse they need in order to win games. He is also an excellent rebounder, and when it comes to blocks, he can also get the job done in an effortless way.

Austin Rivers from Winter Park High School is the last name in our list of the new big three. He is a shooting guard, and will be the most offensive player of the 3, as he is often able to stretch the floor with his remarkable 3-point shot. He is also outstanding when it comes to defense, and is quite good when it comes to one-to-one rivalries.

The 3 have shown an interest in playing for Kentucky next year, and if the Wildcats wants to get them signed, they will need to do the necessary adjustments concerning the rest of their roster as it would be tough for the 3 rookies (just like it was for John Wall), to come to this team, and get close but no cigar.

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