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4 top NFL players that hasn’t played the Pro Bowl yet

Last season, an impressive 46 new players either received an invitation for the Pro Bowl or were voted for it, and that has a lot to do with the format change, as this game is very close to the playoffs, and many Pro Bowlers from teams that does not make it to the Super Bowl prefer to draw from the game at Hawaii in order to rest from aching pains which are the product of the regular season, and this certainly opens a lot of windows for new players whom might play the Pro Bowl for the first time in their lives, now we will see some of the new ones whom might play it this year.

Dunta Robinson for the Falcons: He’s been regarded as one of the top cornerbacks in the American football conference for a few years, and that is why it is so surprising the fact that he has never received an invitation to make the trip to Hawaii. He is a former player from the Texans, and has just recently signed a contract for 6 years with the Falcons worth $57 million dollars.

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Greg Jennings from the Packers: Just like Robinson, one can’t do other thing but to wonder why he hasn’t played a Pro Bowl yet, as he has averaged an impressive 1200 yards for the past 2 seasons, and has come up with 23 touchdowns during the past 3 years. He is Aaron Rodgers’ main weapon in Green Bay, and being only 26 years old, the future of this wide receiver looks very bright.

Matt Ryan from the Falcons: In just 2 years, he has earned a position amongst the elite quarterbacks in the league, and he continues to move in the right direction concerning the rankings of NFC QB’s, especially now that Kurt Warner decided to call it quits for good. We all know that if Brett Favre gets the call to play at the Pro Bowl, he will probably skip the invitation, and if Ryan is able to come up with better numbers than Eli Manning and Donovan McNabb, he will certainly make the trip to Hawaii.

Joe Flacco from the Ravens: This guy is in the roster of one of the current best teams in the league, and if he manages to lead Baltimore to their third straight playoff run, he will have the option to play the Pro Bowl.

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