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2010 FIFA World Cup: Spain vs the Netherlands preview

Spain were certainly one of the favorites to make it to the finals of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, and they did not disappointed their fans, as they will be fighting against the Netherlands (the surprise) in the most important game of the tournament.

The Spaniards are living their best moment in their history, as they won the Euro Cup two years ago, and just acquired a ticket for the finals, which is an achievement that had been denied to them in every single past World Cup, therefore, if they win, it is certain that the whole country will be celebrating for days or even weeks.

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To defeat Germany is probably the biggest accomplishment for the Spaniards in the cup so far, and now they are faced against the Netherlands, a team that never was the favorite in the minds of soccer critics.

The Dutch has gained their ticket with a perfect record at the cup, most likely because they were faced with easy rivals until they faced Brazil, a team that made them look bad for the first half of their quarterfinal game, but somehow, they took advantage of the poor condition of the Brazilians, and achieved the victory on the stretch, allowing them to meet Uruguay at the semis. They again suffered against a team that was eager to conquer their third world cup, but the Netherlands were resilient enough to know how to handle the match, winning 3-2.

And now they have their toughest challenge so far against Spain, a team that is considered as to be far superior to the Dutch, but Wesley Sneijder has proven that he can come up with outstanding performances when most required, and this time, he will try to be even better than Xavi Hernandez in order to retain the control of the match.

Now, even though it is clear that Spain is the stronger one of the two sides at the final, they do have some weakness, mostly on their defensive end, with Joan Capdevilla in his thirties, he might find it very difficult to handle Arjen Robben, one of the best wingers in the planet, on the other hand, the Dutch also carry some flaws, but theirs are on their offensive end, with Van Persie underperforming, they will need to rely on other players to come up with the goals.

The final will be on Saturday July 11 at 2:30 pm ET, don’t miss it!

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