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The Preakness Stakes and their new ad campaign

Organizers of the Preakness Stakes are interested in getting the attention of the younger crowds, which is why they have released a marketing campaign (which Some might consider as going over the limit) focused on this demographic group called “Get your Preak On”, which is a play on the saying “Get your freak on” from a Missy Elliot song.

The assistance to the Preakness dropped considerably from one hundred thousand in the past 8 dates of the event to close to 77 thousand last year after new regulations were applied concerning the banning of alcohol beverages to Pimlico infield.

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The Maryland Jockey Club, who is the entity that operates the Preakness, sees it as a great way to attract new horse racing fans. They have been criticized in the past for promoting the race in an old fashioned way, which is the main reason they give a 180 degree turn to their campaign for this year’s race in order to get the interest of people between the ages of 21 and 35.

Tom Chuckas, the president of MJC, said that they were expecting some protests from conservative fans, but they have just received a phone call and a couple of emails, which is quite scanty, but when it comes to professional sports critics, then opinions on the campaign tend to go more seriously.

As Kevin Cowherd, a columnist for the Baltimore Sun, wrote that the ploy for the campaign was beyond bad taste, but Chuckas did not had a negative reaction to such comments, as according to him “everybody is entitled to an opinion”, and he is less worried because the campaign is actually showing some positive results, which was the main aim.

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The new Preakness advertisement campaign has been promoted in youth channels such as MTV and VH1, and some variations have also appeared in street billboards and stop signs.

Other methods which are utilized by the organizers in order to get Pimlico race course filled with horse racing fans the day of the event was to reduce ticket prices from from $60 and $50 to fifty and forty respectively.

The Preakness Stakes is the second event of the Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing and it is set to take place on May 15 at 4:30 pm eastern standard time, and it will be the 135th edition of one of the most important events in the horse racing world.

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