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Preakness Stakes 2010: Wager on your favorite horse

After leaving behind the favorites at the Kentucky Derby, now Super Saver is looking forward to win the second Triple Crown competition, the Preakness Stakes 2010 which will be taking place at Pimlico Race Course. If he is able to so, he will be just one race away from winning the 3 most important horse competitions of the year.

The Preakness is tomorrow, and as of now concerning wagers, Super Saver is still a huge favorite, along with other big names such as Paddy O’Prado, Jackson Bend and Lookin at Lucky, the latest being the horse that was the favorite to win the Derby, but just after a non-favorable post position and an similarly horrible start, he ended up crossing the finishing like at sixth.

This horse is the second favorite in the Preakness behind Super Saver, and it is a fact that he will be trying to make up for his mistakes at the Derby when he runs at Pimlico.

Paddy O’Prado is the only other horse that made it in the first five positions at the Derby and which is going to compete tomorrow. He finished the race at Churchill Downs for the Triple Crown in the third position, and when it comes to betting, this thoroughbred horse has the same chances as Lookin at Lucky.

The first incident concerning horses which have been pulled out of the race took place on Wednesday, when Hurricane Ike was forced to retire after suffering a leg injury, which is why he is no longer listed as a starter. This is leaving only twelve horses in the Preakness, which are only 2 horses less than the maximum permitted for the race of fourteen.

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Unfortunately, those 2 sports would not be filled by some of the main finishers at the Derby, including 2nd place Ice Box and 4th place Make Music for Me, both of whom are being helped out of the competition in order to get them in shape for the Belmont Stakes.

The weather certainly proved to be a determining factor at the Derby, as days of continuous rain gave Super Saver (who is mudder) the advantage and the win, but if conditions are different tomorrow at Pimlico, then it means that all 3 favorites might actually end up having the same odds to win it.

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