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World Cup update: Brazil and Portugal tie 0-0, both classify

Even though neither Brazil nor Portugal managed to score in their World Cup group stage match of today at Durban, both managed to classify to the next round of the competition, with the South Americans finishing first in Group G and the Europeans ending in the second position.

The Brazilians will be playing against the runners-up of Group H, while the Portuguese will see action against the winners of the same pool. People at the Moses Mabhida Stadium were truly expecting a better show from both national teams, but the action on the pitch failed to miss the expectations of a stadium packed mostly by Brazilian supporters.

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Even though Portugal never seemed to be a menace for Brazil, they did know how to contend the 5-time World Cup winners, limiting their chances every time they could. Now, if you have to name a player that can be considered as the most dominant against the Brazilians, then that must be Raul Meireles, but he found a big defense and was not allowed to score.

And when it comes to Cristiano Ronaldo, well he just needs to stop trying to win every single match all by himself, especially now that the World cup is getting more competitive and intense.

Dunga said that he didn’t care if Brazil played beautiful soccer, as he pointed out that he is more focused with results than in watching Brazilian players doing magic, which is why Brazil was quite poor in terms of their visual show, but even when they are playing a defensive game, the South Americans are proving that they can still come up with the desired results.

Goalkeeper Julio Cesar is the main responsible of allowing Brazil to win the group as Portugal came up with some good offensive plays in the second period.

The South Americans were not capable to score because they fell short of offensive attacks as they were playing without Kaka, their main superstar, and the main that can truly make the difference on this version of the Brazilian national team. He was replaced by Julio Baptista, who did not play bad, but was not impressive either. Also as a surprise move by coach Dunga, he left out Robinho, replacing him with Nilmar, a player that put up a good offensive game, but that was unable to surpass Ricardo Costa.

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