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World Cup semifinals: Uruguay vs the Netherlands preview

The two teams that will actually play one of the two semis matches of the 2010 FIFA World Cup are one from South America and one from Europe, but not the ones most soccer critics had in mind, as many had Brazil and England as two of the teams that could meet at the semifinals, but sadly for fans of both of those teams, none of them made it, this time, it will be Uruguay and the Netherlands the ones that would be looking to obtain a ticket to the final game of the most important sports tournament in the globe.

If the Dutch are able to take down the Uruguayans, they will be putting European soccer at a higher level than that of the Americas as they would have taken down two of the most important names of the region in straight matches.

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Sneijder is the big man in this team, and if he continues to play as well as of now, the Dutch have a great chance not only to make it to the finals, but to win it all.

I can’t say that the Oranje deserves it more than Uruguay, but the truth is that the team from South America made it this far because they prevented Ghana from scoring in overtime thanks to a save from striker Luis Suarez, who acted as a goaltender. Thanks to such save, the Uruguayans avoided elimination as they took the game to penalties, winning 4-2.

But even when Suarez is the main responsible for the classification of his team, nobody can deny the talent of the South American team, with an outstanding player in Diego Forlan, who has been the man that guided them through the classification stage, and has continued to be the top figure of the team during the different stages of the World Cup.

Some bad news for the Dutch is that they will be missing Nigel de Jong and Gregory van der Wiel due to yellow cards, but on the good side, they have good players to replace both on the field on the semifinals match that will take place on July 6 at Cape Town.

The defeat from Ghana left no African team in the World Cup, and now everybody is wondering if the vuvuzelas are going to continue to bother the ears of players, chances are they will not.

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