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Williams sisters win their first match at Wimbledon

The 2010 Wimbledon championships began yesterday, and today Serena Williams defended her crown as the current female champ of the tourney by defeating 17 year old Portuguese Michelle Larcher de Brito by 6-0 and 6-4. The American came up with fifteen aces (the last one on her last shot) and gained her 27 valuable points.

Queen Elizabeth II will be making an appearance at the tournament on Thursday (the first time since 1977), and Williams will be playing her 2nd match that very day. She said that she is thrilled about it, and that she hopes to meet her.

Although this can be a memorable experience for the professional tennis player, she certainly does not need any additional motivation to advance to the next round as she is currently 43-0 in 1st-round matches at any majors, and has won an impressive 58 out of her last 59 matches against tennis players whom are ranked outside the top one hundred.

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Larcher de Brito is actually amongst those, as she is currently raked at 148, and has only won 3 matches against top twenty players. Williams played 33 minutes before she lost a game, to finish with 47 wins over 6 from the player from Portugal.

The grunts that matched every shot from Larcher de Brito were clear proof of how much she fought for the victory, but at the end such bravery didn’t paid off. Last year Aravane Rezai, who played against the Portuguese complaint that the shouting from Michelle was so loud that got her out of focus, and such comments certainly got the attention of the English media. But Serena Williams also did her own grunting this time, which is why nobody complained harshly.

Williams have obtained double figures in terms of aces 8 times this year alone, most of them on the women’s tour.

Venus Williams, the oldest of the sisters also won her first match at the tourney, as she beat Rossana de los Rios in the 1st round yesterday by 6-3 and 6-2. She is currently seeded 2nd to Serena this time.

Everybody is expecting to see the sisters competing for the trophy again, as Venus lost to her sister last year, and if that actually takes place, then we can expect a fiery match between both American tennis pros, though Serena still has a slight advantage against Venus since she is motivated by her win of 2009.

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