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UFC116: Lesnar vs Carwin, the best heavyweight fight so far?

The action is back in the cage tomorrow when UFC 116 takes place at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, and you can certainly expect an explosive fight between Brock Lesnar and Shane Carwin, and even though both fighters carry very different personalities out of the octagon, they are head to head inside of it.

Lesnar is the current heavyweight championship, and he will be facing a man that defeated Frank Mir at UFC 111, winning interim heavyweight championship. These two fighters were supposed to fight at UFC 106, but a last minute illness prevented Lesnar from training, which is why the match had to be re-scheduled.

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Carwin is an outstanding fighter that is currently 12-0, winning all of his fights in the first round, which makes of this match against the current champion even more interesting, as Lesnar has actually been defeated before, and Shane Carwin will be trying to deliver him the second loss of his career tomorrow.

Concerning the fight against Carwin, Lesnar has stated that he doesn’t feel threatened at all by him, and although he recognizes that the interim champion has knocked out a few good opponents, he said that he don’t see himself getting beaten by him.

On the other hand, Carwin, who played football for Western State College but could not make it to the NFL and opted for becoming a MMA fighter, also said not to be worried about his fight against Lesnar, as he mentioned that he really don’t focus that much on his opponent, as he said that he is more focused about training properly in order to face whoever it is in front of him.

But even though he holds no fear against Lesnar, he knows that he will be fighting against a respected opponent who knows the tricks of the sport very well, and the main two questions are, can he really resist a couple of hard punches from Lesnar? And how is Carwin’s current cardio condition? Well, he has stated that the last of these questions has always remain on the title since he began fighting, but his 12 wins are proof that he is in a great condition, and concerning the hits, he knows that the trick to defeat Lesnar will be to hit him in the face before he gets punched.

The fight will be accessible for those who want to utilize a pay per view service which will cost between $45 and $50 dollars.

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