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Top players at the NFL you should have an eye on

The kickoff game for the start of the NFL is just 3 months away, and now it seems like the perfect opportunity to come up with the names of the player s that we at pph consider as the best of the best in a league that will be entering its 91st season.

Player: Peyton Manning

Position: Quarterback

Team: Colts

He is a player that finished last season with the MVP title for his second consecutive. In 2009 he was able to lead his team to an impressive 14-0 before acquiring their first defeat of the year, and he also guided Indianapolis to both a division and an AFC title. He is expected to surpass what he did back in 09’ at the upcoming season, thanks to the help he will find in outstanding players such as Austin Collie and Pierre Garcon.

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Player: Drew Brees

Position: Quarterback

Team: Saints

Even though it was Manning who acquired the MVP honors, it was this quarterback from New Orleans who was able to lead the franchise to its first Super Bowl win ever, and he was also able to come up with the Super Bowl MVP distinction. When he played his first game of the season against the Lions, he was able to come up with a team record of six touchdowns in a single match. And since the Saints are the current champs, there is no doubt that Brees will be fully motivated to come up with great this time around.

Player: Tom Brady

Position: Quarterback

Team: Patriots

Brady returned last year after missing the 2008 season due to a serious knee injury, and even though he did not led his team to the Super Bowl, he did led them to their 7th AFC title in the past 8 seasons. Fans of New England are hoping great things from the experienced quarterback this time and I am sure he will not let them down.

Player: Chris Johnson

Position: Running Back

Team: Titans

Last year was the second one for this fabulous player at the NFL, and in that second season, he was able to break Marshall Faulk’s yardage record in a single season, and was named the offensive player of the year, and now he will be entering his 3rd professional year as the best running back in the game.

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