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Tim Thibodeau signed as Bulls new head coach

Gar Forman, the general manager for the Bulls can’t be happier, as they just signed Tom Thibodeu as their new coach, and if everything continues to go well for them, they might even sign LeBron James who is currently the best player in the league, and might even be able to make it with the services of Chris Bosh.

Thibodeu is coming from the Celtics, where he served as the right hand for Doc Rivers, but now he seems to have a real chance of showing what he can do if he is given total control over a team. Chicago’s new coach never played at the NBA, but that doesn’t seemed to stop him from being an outstanding tactical strategist who was responsible for a major part of the success Boston enjoyed in the Finals.

Now that the Bulls count with a smart, proficient coach, the thought of bringing King James to the team is not so unreal, as apparently LeBron has a lot of respect for Thibodeu, who I considered a coach that loves energetic players and that knows very well how to balance the defense and the offensive.

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The new coach said that the thought of bringing James to the picture is great, but he also last a lot trust in the already-signed superstars such as Luol Deng, Joakim Noah, and Derrick Rose in particular, as he believes they are capable of doing a wonderful job, but when it comes to bring a man that is dreaming for his first NBA title, Thibodeau can’t deny how well they will do, allowing him to win a championship in his first year in the coach’s chair.

Forman said that he don’t really care about Thibodeau not being a former player, as he said that he knows very well how good a coach he is, and his resume speaks for him, which is why he feels comfortable about allowing him to guide his team in the upcoming season.

The general manager also mentioned that he is truly impressed about how hard of a worker the new coach is, and also said that he knows how well respected Thibodeau is in the league, which is why he knows he will be able to communicate with players in a easy way.

LeBron James playing along Chris Bosh and Derrick Rose, all coached by an outstanding natural-born leader, can’t get better than that.

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