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The top wide receivers at the AFC South division

If you are a fan of an AFC South team, then this article might interest you, as here we will be discussing the top wide receivers in this division. We have put this list together taking into consideration statistics, leadership and versatility from last year, as we believe they will be equally impressive this time around.

  1. Andre Johnson / Texans: the top player on the list, mostly because he is outstanding with plays on the outside. He came up with an impressive one hundred receptions and 1500 yards for the past 2 consecutive years.

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  1. Reggie Wayne / Colts: In his ninth season in the league, this WR has come up with more than one hundred receptions and 1200 yards each time, he is a truly sound player that is an essential weapon to Peyton Manning.
  1. Mike Sims-Walker / Jaguars: His talent could not be displayed during his first year at the league because he suffered a knee injury that left him out for the full 2007 season, and since he was not at his best shape, he only played 9 games in 2008, but last year, he bloomed and showed everybody what he is really capable of as he ended up with 63 receptions for 869 yards and 7 touchdowns. Critics are expecting him to play even better this upcoming season.
  1. Pierre Garçon / Colts: Anthony Gonzalez got severely injured in the middle of last season, and critics were expecting Indianapolis to become less stronger, but then it came this outstanding player whom became a sophomore sensation by coming up with 47 receptions and 765 yards in thirteen starts. He surely became a top choice for Manning, particularly in the postseason. He might exceed expectations one more time on 2010.
  1. Austin Collie / Colts: I am still wondering why such a good player was drafted in the fourth round of the 2009 NFL draft, as in his first year he proved that he has the quality of a first round pick thanks to sixty receptions, 676 yards and 7 touchdowns.
  1. Kenny Britt / Titans: Just on his first year, this remarkable player managed to come up with 42 receptions, 701 yards and 3 touchdowns.
  1. Kevin Walter / Texans: He was barely noticed in his first 3 years with the Bengals, but one he moved to Houston he became fantastic. He currently posses 225 receptions for more than 2750 yards and fifteen touchdowns in 7 seasons in the league.

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