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The top six MMA fighters whom rely strongly on wrestling

It is true that TV wresting is not a sport, and it is also true that fights are previously planned, which means that everything is false, but that doesn’t mean that wrestlers does not possess the necessary talent to actually fight for real, and for the past two decades, these fighters have utilized mixed martial arts as the tool to prove themselves.

In fact, wrestling is an essential part of mixed martial arts, and those whom are skilled wrestlers often possess an advantage over their rivals, here we will review those fighters whom we believe are known for using the art of wrestling to their advantage.

  1. Georges St.-Pierre: This is a fighter who truly excels in every aspect of MMA, and even though he never was a competitor in amateur wrestling, he is considered to be the top wrestler in the sport as he is the one that knows how to utilize the skills attached to wrestling the better.
  1. Chael Sonnen: He could easily have made it at the top spot of this list if it wasn’t for a few flaws he continuous to fall victim of, as even though he is capable of inflicting a lot of damage, he also gets severely beaten, even when he is in an advantageous position such as the top spot.

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  1. Brock Lesnar: Using weight to control an opponent is a common thing in wrestling, and this fighter knows very well how to apply such tactic, and if you want proof, just go back to his fight against Heath Herring, when Lesnar utilized all of his body strength to dominate Herring and coming up with a victory by unanimous decision.
  1. Randy Couture: For some, he is an old veteran that is a bit overrated, but the truth is that he is a great athlete who knows very well how to utilize his knowledge of Greco-roman wrestling and such skills have given him a great deal of advantage in many occasions.
  1. Josh Koscheck: We can probably say that wrestling is the main skill for this tough competitor, and even though he might not possess a great ability in other martial arts, he is a well respected opponent.
  1. Jake Shields: He is a much underrated fighter who enjoyed of an impressive amateur wrestling career, and now he continues to apply what he learned during those years against MMA rivals.

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