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The Detroit Lions: A beaten team from a beaten city

Detroit used to be an outstanding place, as this the place that brought us Ford vehicles, Motown, Marvin Gaye and of course, the Lions. Now, we all know that this town’s football team is amongst the worst in the league, and since the city is also in pretty bad shape too because of the worldwide economic downfall and the increase of gang crimes, it is certain that nobody is actually in loved with the idea of living here, which is why less and less people is attending Lions game now, and that can be an indication that this football team might either disappear or move to a different place.

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Even though Ford is the owner of the Lions, it doesn’t mean that the owners of the automotive empire won’t move the team to another city, as they are already building car-manufacturing plants out of Detroit.

Even Sports Illustrated have pointed out the bad image of this town for the football community in general, as in a recent survey they made amongst NFL players, it was revealed that according to them, this is the 4th worst city to play at, and a good percentage won’t even consider play for the Lions.

Well, actually some players whom were interviewed might actually play for the city of Detroit, but not for the Lions, as this is a team with a long history of ineptitude and a drought of achievements, so, if the Lions leave town and another franchise arrives, then changes might be positive for fans whom have waited long enough for their team to become into a proficient one.

One thing is true: the Lions might still have a loyal fanbase, but they are not buying either jerseys or tickets for games, which means that the business part of the franchise is sinking way too fast, and even though they might not cease to exist in the short run, they might eventually.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is a man that likes the idea of expansion, and by 2030, US cities like San Antonio and international ones such as London and Mexico City, all might count with their own NFL team, and I am sure that the owners of this beaten team rely more on their accountants than in football passion, which is why do take their team and do business somewhere else is probably a conversation they already had.

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