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The 12 teams that might make it to the NFL playoffs

From the total of 32 teams at the league, twelve makes it to the playoffs, 6 from each conference, and here we will be discussing the 12 teams which we believe are going to make it to the postseason this year, and we have listed them from best to worst.

  1. Chargers: This is a team that has been great for the past decade, and this year Philip Rivers will show why he is considered as one of the top five quarterbacks in the league thanks to weapons such as Ryan Mathews, who is expected to be obtain the “Rookie of the year” title.
  1. Packers: Probably the top team in the NFC with an outstanding passer in Aaron Rodgers, whom will put an extra effort to avoid an epic fail just like last year’s defeat against the Cardinals.
  1. Ravens: Joe Flacco will have an outstanding season as he has been enhanced with two outstanding veteran wide receivers in Derrick Mason and Anquan Boldin.
  1. Colts: Even though they will be great and make it to the playoffs with at least 12 wins, I don’t think Indianapolis will be making it to the Super Bowl this time around.

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  1. 49ers: Alex Smith will have a fabulous season, with Vernon Davis and Frank Gore catching key passes for touchdowns that will ultimately give this team a ticket for the playoffs.
  1. Texans: A very young franchise that is quite strong this time around as they count with a top quarterback in Andre Johnson, who will guide this franchise to their first appearance at the playoffs in the short history of the team.
  1. Vikings: Since Brett Favre is back for another year, Minnesota has a guaranteed ticket to the postseason.
  1. Patriots: New England will have an excellent season, there is no doubt about that, but they will certainly fell short in the playoffs as Tom Brady is not at his best.
  1. Cowboys: Tony Romo will get a Super Bowl ring soon, but not this year, as even though he counts with excellent receivers, this team is not as compact as it should be and the truth is that this is a team is just too hyped.
  1. Panthers: Jimmy Clausen has a bright career ahead of him, and he will probably become the starting quarterback for the Panthers, but they will fall early in the playoffs this time.
  1. Falcons: Matt Ryan will do a good job, but this is another team that will not have a long run in the postseason.

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