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Surprise at Wimbledon: Taiwanese Lu defeats Andy Roddick

Let’s see, Andy Roddick is a former world number one who won the 2003 US Open, and who has played a number of Grand Slam finals, and that is currently ranked as the fifth in the world ranks. On the other hand we have Yen-Hsun Lu, a tennis player who is ranked 82th of the world, now, which do you think was the beaten one in their match of today at Wimbledon? If you said Lu, you lost.

Yes, as a big surprise on this year’s Wimbledon Championships, the only American that is included the list of the ATP 10 fell in the hands of Yen-Hsun Lu, from China. The intense match lasted five hours finished in a 9-7 defeat at the 5th set. And when to deserving it, let’s just say that Lu’s job was more than remarkable.

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Things started to look pretty bad for Roddick by the tiebreaker of the 4th set, but he soon escaped the trapped thanks to some great servings, and because Lu came up with just a few tight shots, though the Chinese seemed to be decided to defeat the experienced American, and continued to play with the victory on his mind.

Lu attacked with all he could every time he had the chance, and that was probably the key for a victory that he is still assimilating due to its importance.

Roddick, on the other hand seemed to be waiting for Lu to fail, but the 26 year old player never did, and such disrespect for his rival is what finally prevent the American from coming up with a win in a match everybody was giving to the Grand Slam winner.

Roddick was expected to make it to the finals this year, but he failed to meet expectations. He reached the last game of the tournament the last time Wimbledon took place, but fell to Roger Federer in a battled match.

Lu, who is from Taiwan, had lost at the 1st round in the past 4 Wimbledons, and has never made it past from the second round, now he has reasons to celebrate, as this is the first time he makes it to the quarterfinals, where he will be facing Novak Djokovic on Wednesday.

It’s not looking good for the US of A in international competitions lately, as their soccer national team was recently eliminated from the 2010 FIFA World Cup, and now their best tennis player gets eliminated from one of the top Grand Slam tournaments in the globe, though we all know better times will come.

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