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Super bowl XLV at Cowboys Stadium, Dallas want to get ticket

The big news came for Cowboys fans as they will be hosting the next Super Bowl, and if they make it to the big game this time, they will become the first team in NFL history to host and participate in the most important match in professional football.

And well, this don’t look so bad for them this time, as they won their first playoff game in over a decade last year, and this time, they will try to become American’s team once again after such position was overtaken by the Patriots in recent times.

The main reason for them to be the hosts this time is because Dallas has a brand new stadium that is worth an impressive $1.3 billion dollars and can accommodate one hundred thousand people, and this certainly is attractive enough to let them be the hosts.

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The Cowboys truly have a team that can be considered as capable of winning the NFC and get a ticket for Super Bowl XLV (to be played on February 6, 2011) as they will be returning to the field with twenty of their starters from last year, which includes an impressive 8 Pro Bowlers.

Statistically speaking, Tony Romo is coming from his best season at the NFL so far, as he finished with 26 touchdowns for 4483 passing yards and just a low 9 interceptions, which was the 3rd best record in the league for the 2009-2010 season, he also reached his third Pro Bowl last year, and since he is missing a championship ring, it is for sure that he will be playing his best football in order to obtain it.

And besides of counting with two proficient weapons in Roy Williams and Miles Austin, Romo now can also count with a third one in Dez Bryant, the newest acquisition of the Cowboys who was drafted from Oklahoma State, making of Dallas offensive one of the most dangerous in the NFL.

Of course this team is not perfect, and there are a few flaws here and there, starting with the absence of tackle Flozell Adams who will be playing for the Steelers, therefore, there is some good pressure on them to become even better than that season, but certainly the motivation of playing the Super Bowl with their fans at their expensive brand new stadium is more than enough to get the job done.

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