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Strong rumors about LeBron James playing for the Clippers

There are some strong recent rumors about LeBron James playing for the Clippers for the next 5 or 6 years, and we will know if that is true or not tonight after King James’ meeting with Andy Roeser, the president of the Los Angeles team.

If LeBron accepts to play for the Clippers next season, it is certain that he will be the unofficial team owner, as it is clear that the team will have to play according to James’ rules, as he would become the centerpiece of a franchise that is considered as the worst one in the NBA.

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The will have to as far allowing King James to come up with a brand new logo and even allow him to rename the team, well, maybe, but this is just an example of how much they will need to put in the negotiation table in order to get this attention and sign him.

Now, to change the logo and name of the team is not something that is out of the talks, as marketing studies amongst their fans have shown that they are not entirely happy with the team looks, which is why a smart choice for them would be to allow James and his team of advisors to come up with some good ideas in order to engage LeBron even more so he can feel a vital part of the team since day one.

Now, we all know that LeBron James wants to come up with a championship as soon as possible, but it is a well known fact that he also loves to play the executive role once in a while, and if he gets to sign the Clippers, he will certainly have that opportunity of doing so, and this is where the less popular basketball team from Los Angeles have an edge over other franchises.

It is also well known that LeBron enjoys gathering with VIP’s of all sorts as he is always looking to move his image around, and with a player/executive position in a professional team such as the Clippers he will be able to do just that, therefore, even when I think LeBron’s place is in the Bulls as he can become the player that can take Chicago back to his days of glory, I am pretty sure that the rumors of him become a Clippers player are more close to reality, tomorrow we will find out for sure.

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